“Although Elaine and I have never met, I have had several readings – all of them have been amazingly in tune with my thoughts and real-time events in my life. The readings have shown accuracy and understanding beautifully detailed with each card – my admiration of Elaine is immense. Trust your hopes and wishes and request a reading!” Jackie.

“I was privileged to get a past life reading from Elaine. She was able to read into my past life and how it connects to this one. She helped me see parallels, which in turn aided me in getting unstuck in this life. Her read on the cards is clear and profound. I highly recommend getting a reading from Elaine and look forward to my next one.” Kate.

“Elaine, I am completely overwhelmed with emotion by your reading. You have helped to answer questions I thought I would never be able to have answered. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your gift with me. This was beautiful.” Carrie.

“Elaine did a huge past life reading for me and it was so spot on and comforting, and meshed with what a couple of other intuitives have told me about my past lives. It helped reassure me that I’m on the right path in my current life and give me insights as to why something that happened may be and what lessons I have to learn. I HIGHLY recommend Elaine for tarot readings! She is a beautiful and insightful soul.” Jen