Tarot Mirrors Life

Hello dear readers!

My name is Elaine McCrohon, and I’m here to write about tarot.

For me, that also means that I’ll be talking about spirituality, my life path, tarot readings, daily draws, my life goals and my daily walks in the countryside. I’ll basically be chatting about everything in my life, because it all leads back to tarot somehow!

That seems a strange thing to say, that everything leads back to tarot, so let me explain with an example. Today, it’s the last quarter moon in Aquarius. This could be about reaching out into the world, doing something you don’t normally do. Today, I met a new friend who I connected with briefly a couple of years ago and we went to soft play with our toddlers and her new baby. Our kids played together, we drank coffee, I bounced her baby in my arms and climbed to the top of a climbing frame with a big yellow slide, more than once, but not at the same time!

This is just a normal day in the life of any parent of young children. It’s the kind of thing that is totally unremarkable and happens all the time. Yet it’s my life. To me this is life, spending time with my son, seeing him experience new people, places, friends. It’s what I live for.

So here, in my day, we have the Empress, the mothers, a major arcana tarot card I’m specifically connecting with this year; we have the Queen of Pentacles, my friend; the Three of Cups, for loving, fun times shared with friends. We have The Fool in all of the innocent children playing so recklessly, throwing themselves off foam staircases. We have the Emperor, in the structure and rules of the institution of soft play and the people in charge there. The six of Pentacles in the give and take of play. I could go on. Everything in life relates to a tarot card, because tarot mirrors life.

And so for me, tarot is life. So when I talk about tarot, I’ll be talking about my life. I want to share healing with you, via the Star. Or maybe I’ll talk about the Empress, and my journey into deeper self love and abundance this year. Maybe I’ll talk about how I’m experiencing thresholds just now, in relation to the Moon, or the five of Pentacles. Or maybe I’ll share about my passion for past life readings, and the High Priestess. Or my awakening onto my path to share my tarot journey with others, and the Judgement card.

I have so much I want to talk about here, in my safe little corner of the internet. As I sit down to write my first blog post. My mind is, of course, blank. So I’ve written about soft play with two year olds. Well I guess there will be a lot of that here too!

Thanks for being here with me as I negotiate my first post. It’s taken longer than it should have. I paused in the hesitation of the two of Swords for a moment there. But I found my voice. I’ve reached out into the world, in a new way, for me.

So much love to you, new friends and readers.

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    1. Thank you so much Simon! I’m so pleased you’re here with me as I start this new venture!! You’re support means a lot to me šŸ™šŸ’—šŸ’•

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