Friendship and the tarot twos

I’ve been thinking about two of my friends recently. They’re both going through two very different situations that I consider to be inatly unfair. I’ve also been considering the Justice card in tarot. It’s my astrological card as I was born with my sun in Libra. This makes it a theme for me in my life – something I feel is at the core of my being. So I came to consider Justice and friendship together because I was discussing ideas for my second blog post with a friend while at the same time wondering what I could do for my two friends and their respective situations. I began to wonder if the Justice card could help me to be a better friend.

Justice probably isn’t the first card you’d go to in the tarot if you wanted to foster better friendships. Perhaps the Empress would be a good start, or even the Emperor. You would definitely look to Justice for legal advice but that’s not what I’m thinking of here.

Although Justice does seem a little cold at first glance looking deeper there is warmth in Justice. This card asks you to look at the person you are and the person you want to be. Do they match up? If they’re not aligned, you’re invited to make changes. Face the reality of who you are. There’s love in this question though, as going through life blinkered to your inner self is not conducive to inner peace.

This is all very good for personal development, but how can Justice help me as a friend? Here I looked to numerology. Justice is number 11 and that makes it at 2 in numerology (1+1=2). As this is my second blog post that seemed fitting. So the High Priestess proceeds over the twos as the first two in the tarot. The High Priestess as a friend can be a brilliant friend! She’s the best person to tell your secrets to, she will never share them. She will listen, without judgement, to everything you say. She will rarely offer opinions or advice unless pressed at which point she will give you both sides of the coin. What you want to hear and what you need to hear. But mostly she will just listen calmly. She will internalise your problems, take it on herself and so lessen your worries. The High Priestess is inner equilibrium whereas Justice is balancing inner and outer equilibrium.

Taking this story of the twos and friendship to its conclusion, the last two of the major arcana is Judgement, number 20 (2+0=2). If the High Priestess as a friend is listening and Justice is hearing the case and pronouncing on it, then Judgement is a call to action. How can the situation be remedied? In some cases judgement will take time, but I believe it will come. As number 20 its the most furthest along the journey, so may take time.

The High Priestess, Justice and Judgement from the Mary El tarot

Will this little exploration of Justice and the twos help my friends in anyway? Maybe, maybe not. What it will do is let them see their situation through the eyes of their friend. Their lives are being negatively affected by a decision they made. A seemingly small decision that they couldn’t foresee would affect their lives so greatly. One, by smoking a cigarette, the other offering to help a friend. Both situations that in all fairness shouldn’t have such a massive impact on their life. I could easily have found myself in both their places yet somehow I didn’t. How is that fair for them? It isn’t. But maybe these thoughts here can help them see that, and so they can work to lovingly release themselves from any or all lingering guilt. Their hearts can be light like the ostrich feather the goddess Ma’at will weigh them against.

Maybe neither of my friends carry guilt needed to be released. Then how can Justice help? I hope the knowledge that their situation is seen, heard and held is in some way comforting. Here’s the warmth in justice. I see what you’re going through friends. I call it unfair. I call it out of you’re making. Both addiction and harassment are social issues and those who suffer from them are guilt free. Yes there are things that can be done and happily both my friends are doing them, but their hearts can be lighter through the process. You did not ask for this lesson, friends, but it will make you stronger.

Judgement is coming and when it comes you can answer that call. You can say that you behaved in the best way possible that’s aligned with your soul. Any mistakes have been answered for, the price paid via Justice. Moving through Judgement then is the way to move past this life lesson. Emerging as a new, stronger, more soul aligned version of you.

I decided to look at Rachel Pollack’s Justice reading in Tarot Wisdom which asks some interesting questions of this archetype.

Rachel Pollack’s Justice spread using the Mary El tarot.

What is outer Justice? Here I pulled the Nine of Disks. Outer Justice is living in alignment with yourself.

What is the wisdom of pursuing it? Page of Discs. The wisdom is understanding that pursuing Justice is continuous self-reflection, which we do with integrity. There is no endpoint, except perhaps the final Judgement.

What action is best? Here I pulled the Knight of Swords. The fearless pursuit of truth is best.

What is inner Justice? Ace of cups. Inner Justice is living with an overflowing cup of self-love.

What part do I play? Here I have the Star, which is really comforting in relation to my thoughts around friendship and justice. It lets me know that I might have something here. I can perhaps offer healing.

How will Justice come about? The Moon. Justice will come from taking a long hard look at those darker parts of yourself that you would rather ignore.

What is the link between inner and outer Justice? Kind of Cups. Here I have the king for outer Justice, as the king lays the law of the land and proclaims justice on, or for, his people. I also have cups, as the holy grail, the fount of love and life. This king brings inner and outer Justice together. In order to find outer Justice, we must first fully embody inner Justice.

With these thoughts on Justice, I’ll finish up my second blog post, which really just came about from thinking about my astrological card, at the same time as wanting to do something to help my friends. Whether I’ve helped or not, I know that they know I’m here for them. Like the High Priestess, Justice and Judgement can be here for us when we’re ready.

Thank you, dear readers, for being here and sharing space with me.